For member registration and modification

■Is there any afraid of leaking information out?

We use code communication by SSL, so there is no fear to leak information out. Also, the information is appropriately managed on privacy policy relating to our personal information protection.

For payment

■How can I pay for the purchase?

In case of abroad, we just correspond to credit card payment only.

For shipping service

■What delivery company you have?

In case of abroad, we have EMS for shipping service.

■How much is the shipping charge?

In case of abroad, We calculate shipping charge depending on weight and region. After you proceed to a screen of checkout, you can see the screen indicating shipping charge.

Customs duty may apply, depending on the country or region.

Please note that these customs duties will be the responsibility of the recipient.

■How long does it take until it arrives?

In case of abroad, there is any fluctuation due to region, but it arrives within a month after payment.

Even if stocks for goods are available, depending on the situation, there might be some time needed until we can begin shipping, even if the goods are sold well at the shop, there are cases where we couldn’t guarantee stocks availability.

For returned goods and exchange

■I want to return my product.

We are pretty sure that quality and delivery service is good. If you will be in any trouble that "Product you ordered is different" or "Product is already broken", you can return it for free. If so, we would like you to inform us with in 7days by email or call after you receive it.

■Who will be charged to pay the shipping charge for return?

If we verify that this is our fault, we would burden the shipping charge to for returning. Except the cases, we can't pay for it.

■How do we take refund back when returning products?

In case you pay by credit card, we would pay you back money, after we receive products. We are sometimes late to pay back due to the expired day of Card Company.
In case of home delivery service, we would like to pay you back to bank account directly. We need about 10 days to pay a refund back after we receive returned product.