About Asahido

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Asahido was established in 1870, right by the gates of Kiyomizu Temple. We have held our store for generations, specializing in “Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki.” Today, along with the changes of the times, we now provide a variety of products, ranging from ironware, lacquerware, and glassware, in addition to our wide selection of pottery. In recent years, “Asahi Touan,” a pottery store complex comprised of six facilities, was established in order to promote young artists’ works, daily-use pottery and traditional crafts. We are determined to lift up the decreasing number of traditional crafts and artisans, and enliven this industry again in order to support and protect our tradition. We are also dedicated to promote the art of Japanese handwork – known for its delicateness and attention to detail – on an international level, especially in this city of Kyoto, where guests visit from all over the world.

Company Introduction