“Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki” is one of the many traditional crafts that are representative of Kyoto. “Kyōyaki” refers to Kyoto pottery that became popular in the foothills of the Higashiyama mountains, due to the trend of Japanese tea ceremony since early Edo period. “Kiyomizuyaki,” on the other hand, is pottery that was made in Gojō-zaka, the approach to Kiyomizu Temple. Today, “Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki” generally refers to all kinds of ceramic ware in Kyoto. “Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki” does not pertain to particular styles or techniques, but encompasses them all. This is because Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, was the city where talented craftsmen and fine quality materials gathered from all over the country, and was where many temples and shrines, the imperial family, and the aristocrats were patrons of these traditional arts.