Noritada Kimura

The name of artist Noritada Kimura

The Biography

In 1968, Born at Iwakura area in Kyoto.

In 1992, Japanese Traditional Handcraft Exhibitation in Kinki area Since that time, his works have been selected at the exhibitation every year.

In 1995, Pottery of BONSAI Exhibitation Modern Pottery Exhibitation

In 1997, Menbachi Best Prize sponsored by Nisshin Syokuhin

In 1998, Exhibited his works at Hourai Exhibitation sponsored by Uichi Kiyomizu. After that, he has exhibitated his works every year until 2004. Beermug Exhibitation 1998 in Sapporo. Held his gallery with father and brothers in Yokohama.

In 2001, Eikousya Gallary with father in Tottori.

In 2002, Gion Konishi Gallary in Kyoto. (2004,2009)

In 2003, Hutari Exhibitation with father in Yokohama 50th Japanese Traditional Handcraft Exhibitation

In 2006, Ginza Matsuya Exhibitation in Tokyo Since then, he has held it every other year.

In 2007, CRIA Gallary sponsored by Kyoto Art Culuture Gallary Eikousya in Tottori.


In 2009, Kyoto Takashimaya Art Handcraft Salon Utsuwaya Menami in Kyoto.

In 2010, Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi Art Salon in Aichi

In 2011, Held a gallery at Sinjyuku Isetan in Tokyo.

In 2012, Kyoto Art Handcraft Biennale 2012  Hutari Exhibitation, Rakutyuu Rakugai Gallery in Kyoto.

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